Sellable is the quick and easy way to afford the transition to aged care. We'll pay you a Guaranteed Price for your property upfront, and handle all the hassles of improving and selling it for you.

Money in hands

Upfront cash for RAD/DAP

With Sellable, you can get cash to put down a refundable accommodation deposit (“RAD”) in as little as 7 days.
Money in hands

Choose facilities confidently

Negotiate with your preferred aged care home, knowing that Sellable will pay the Guaranteed Price at a date of your choice.
Money in hands

Hassle-free transition

Simply vacate the property and Sellable will handle everything else, from renovations to professional styling and selling the property. We can also manage decluttering and removalists.

Opinions of our customers

"Sellable were fantastic to deal with. They paid me instantly when I moved out and managed all renovations and the sales process so I could focus on building my new business. They completely transformed the house and sold it for a great price."

Daniel S., Bateau Bay

Bateau Bay - Daniel S.

Opinions of our customers

"I think we have lost count of the times we have said to ourselves ‘Gee I'm glad we didn't have to sell the unit ourselves!', and it is no understatement to say that we could not have done what we have done without Sellable!"

Brad and Jaye, Newington

Brad and Jaye, Newington

Opinions of our customers

"Sellable paid me the Guaranteed Price in only 10 days. This allowed me to downsize and purchase a new home elsewhere. After the renovations, my old place sold for a fantastic price and I'll now be able to buy some nice furniture with my upside share!"

Gail, Leumeah

Gail, Leumeah

Opinions of our customers

"The renovations of our old house look awesome! Great work! I've also been telling my friends and family to check it out. A big thank you to Sellable for making the purchase of our new house happen in such short period of time!"

Khai and Kim

Khai and Kim
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A refundable accommodation deposit is a lump-sum payment made to an aged care home which effectively serves to reduce/eliminate the rental-style daily accommodation payments ("DAP") the resident would have had to make.
You have 28 days from the day you move into an aged care home to decide which payment method you prefer, during which you will be required to pay the rental-style accommodation payments / DAP until you decide.
Yes, there is! By putting down your RAD as early as possible, you can reduce or fully remove the need to pay the daily accommodation payments. Furthermore, aged care accommodation prices can typically be negotiated with the aged care provider before entering the home, and having the ability to pay a RAD in full can sometimes be a key factor in negotiations.
Sellable's main focus is in helping you sell your property in the best way possible, and hence we are not in the best position to assist you in choosing an aged care home. However, there are many qualified aged care advisors who specialise in assisting you through this transition, and Sellable could link you up with some of our partner aged care advisors if needed.
Sellable can be a great choice to get the money you need for your aged care costs in as little as 7 days. We will be able to give you a Guaranteed Price for your property upfront based on an independent valuation, plus we share the additional upside on the property from the sale with you. Sellable is also a much more convenient option for you: all you have to do is move out of your old home, and we will take care of the entire sale for you – including renovations, professional styling, agent selection, buyer negotiations and much more. Interested? Request your obligation-free offer today!

Justus Hammer - CEO & Founder

Selling a home can be incredibly stressful. We started Sellable to make it as easy as it can be, without the need for open houses, selling agent selection or waiting for payment for months.

Justus Hammer - CEO

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We’ll send an independent valuer to your home. Receive our Guaranteed Price the next day.

Find your dream home

Make an offer with confidence for your dream home and we’ll match the agreed settlement date. We can also help if you need a cash advance for the deposit.

Move out and move in

At settlement, simply vacate your place by midday and we’ll have you ready to get the keys and move straight into your new home on the same afternoon.

We’ll get your home ready for sale

Our team of experts will give your old home a full makeover.

Benefit from the upside!

If we sell your home for more than the Guaranteed Price, you'll keep the lion's share of the additional upside. If it sells for less, we'll take the loss.

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    Sellable is the new way to sell and buy a home

    • Know which aged care facilities you can afford

    • Reduce daily accommodation payments ("DAP")

    • We'll make improvements to your property

    • Maximise the value of your home

    • Choose when you receive the sales proceeds

    • Professional staging included

    • We take care of the entire sale, start to finish

    • Quick turnaround – money available in 7 days


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