5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

May 7th 2019 by Sebastian Markart

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Selling a home can be a major event and takes a lot of time and work, so it’s important to maximise your efforts and give your home the best chance of selling on your terms. Tip the scales in your favour by avoiding the following common errors.

1. Overvaluing Your Home

Probably the worst mistake a seller can make is overvaluing their home. A home with too high a price tag will stop sellers even looking at it. By overpricing your home, you may end up settling for a smaller price than if you begin with a realistic price and generate competition among interested parties.

The best way to avoid overpricing is to hire an experienced real estate agent – someone with an intimate knowledge of the local market.

2. Not Hiring a Professional Agent

Professional, experienced real estate agents can make the selling process much smoother. They possess a sound market knowledge, can help you price your property, filter out time-wasters, and potentially bring a database of interested buyers to view your property.

They can also offer advice on a range of subjects, from negotiation, completing paperwork, and preparing for an open house, among others.

3. Not Preparing Adequately for Viewings

Readying a house for sale can be time-consuming but is perhaps the most important aspect of the selling process. A potential buyer needs to imagine your home as theirs, so dismissing the importance of cleaning and de-cluttering can be a deal-breaker.

Similarly, neglecting repairs and not disclosing maintenance issues are surefire ways to discourage potential buyers.

See our article on 5 key steps to prepare for an open house.

4. Using Low Quality Photos

Similar to not preparing for an open house, using low quality photos in online adverts or brochures is a certain way to kill interest. A poor photo can make even the most beautiful home appear ordinary. Clean and de-clutter before snapping, make sure there is plenty of natural light, show your home from its best angle, and use a quality camera. If you’re unsure about taking photos, hire a professional.

5. Not Being Flexible

As a seller you are potentially dealing with a wide range of people with different requirements and interests, so flexibility is essential. This can include being open to showing your house to potential buyers on short notice or at less-than-ideal times of day to negotiating on price.

While it would be perfect if all potential buyers could give a couple of days notice before a viewing and offer you the asking price straight away, the reality is likely to be very different.

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