5 Repairs to Freshen Up Your Property Before Selling

May 22nd 2019 by Jason Mah

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When selling your property, making minor repairs can go a long way to helping you get a better price.

In the busy world we live in, time and convenience is highly valued. It’s easier to get excited about a property that is ready to move into immediately than one requiring repairs.

Luckily, the most effective repairs are easy and cheap.

Here are five must-do repairs to complete before selling your property.

1. Fresh paint

A freshly painted wall to sell your home

The most effective way to boost the value of your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Apart from making your home look newer, it also hides signs of wear and tear or stains that have appeared over time.

The best colour to stick with is white, but you can also consider other light, neutral colours. The goal is to appeal to the largest number of buyers, and while painting a room a bright red or yellow can grab attention, it’s unlikely to appeal to as many people and might also make the room appear smaller.

Remember to fill nail holes with putty and smooth them down before painting over them. Wallpaper is best kept plain and neutral.

2. Electrical repairs

Electrical repairs to sell your home

Electrical flaws are one of the biggest issues for buyers, and especially so for those with young children. Minor electrical faults are not costly to fix, so make sure to check for blown lights, faulty power outlets, and any damaged wiring that needs fixed before viewings.

Remember that lighting is extremely important in any viewing, and you should turn on all your lights during any inspection. Having well-lit rooms indoors creates a warmer environment and is much more welcoming.

3. Plumbing repairs

Plumbing repairs before selling your home

Leaking faucets, water stains, mould and dripping toilets are some of the common plumbing issues that can dull a buyer’s interest in your property. Bathrooms and kitchens generally have the biggest impact on a buying decision so repairs in these rooms are most important.

Replace faulty, old taps or use thread tape or sealant to stop minor leaks. Renew the caulking around the toilets and sinks, and replace weathered toilet seats or the whole unit, if necessary. Removing shower curtains, especially if they are old and mouldy, will go a long way to instantly improving the feel of your bathroom.

Replace any missing tiles. If you have chipped tiles, consider leaving them because re-tiling the bathroom or kitchen can be a very costly job, especially if the tiles are hard to find or if you need to replace all of them for a more congruent look.

4. Interior improvements

Interior improvements before selling a home

Replace all outdated fixtures such as rusty knobs, broken windows and damaged fly screens to match the style of your home. These repairs, often inexpensive, are worth the cost, as they show that your home has been well looked after.

Other key things to look at are your heating system, ventilation and air conditioning units. Dust your air-conditioning system and change the filters, or get a maintenance person to make the necessary repairs to tune it up. Some buyers may try turning them on and off during an open house.

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5. Landscaping

Landscaping before selling home

Make sure your lawn, bushes and trees are well-trimmed and neat. Remove all dead branches, trees and plants, and include colourful flowers and healthy shrubs in the lawn and around the entryway of your home, if suitable.

If you don’t have the time or budget, simply cleaning up dead leaves and rubbish in the lawn or garden will make a big difference.

Some other minor external fixes you can consider are oiling a noisy garage door, resealing cracks in the driveway and patching up cracked concrete. These minor tweaks will show buyers that the property has been properly cared for.

Too much hassle?

If you find the above fixes all too daunting, or simply don’t have the time and money to get the required fixes done, the Sellable option might be for you.

With Sellable, you can move out on a day that suits you and Sellable will pay you upfront for your property. Sellable will arrange and manage all the the repairs after you have moved out, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Sellable will also invest in improvements to uplift your property value, and will give you a majority of any additional upside made on the sale.

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