How Melanie & Daniel Bought, Sold, and Moved in Three and a Half Weeks

May 3rd 2019 by Nikita Harlalka

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Melanie & Daniel found their dream home, big enough to accommodate their growing family. However, with a house full of kids and both Melanie & Daniel working long hours, they had very little time left to manage the sale of their home.

Selling a home is a challenging task. It requires hours of market research, improvements or renovations to maximise the sales price and cumbersome open houses. Given the current slowing property market, it might even take longer than usual to sell your house. So not only is the process of selling your home time-consuming and complicated, there is a lot of uncertainty about when the house will be sold.

Sellable takes the uncertainty and hassle out of the process.

With Sellable, Melanie & Daniel got to pick their move out date and knew exactly how much they were going to get paid on the day. Armed with all this information they were able to buy their dream house quickly and move in only 3 ½ weeks!

Before listing the property, Sellable made repairs and improvements to make sure the house was sold at the highest price possible. Melanie & Daniel’s property ended up selling for a higher price after Sellable’s improvements of which they got 75%!

So that’s the story of how Melanie & Daniel bought, sold and moved in just 3 ½ weeks.

If you’re looking for quick and convenient way to move, check out Sellable for your free online valuation.

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