5 Key Steps to Prepare for an Open House

May 7th 2019 by Sebastian Markart

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Open houses sell homes. An open house is your opportunity to bring potential buyers up close and personal with your home and present it at its best.

Accentuating your home’s best aspects and exposing it to the largest number of potential buyers possible is part and parcel of the selling process, and there are a number of things you can do to ensure your open house is as successful as possible.

1. Make the first impression count

A home's façade ready for open house

Your home’s façade and garden will be the first thing a potential buyer sees, so it’s essential to make the first impression count.

Mow the lawn, prune trees, clean gutters, sweep paths, trim hedges, pull weeds, hose down or sweep the driveway, and consider the addition of flowers or pot plants to beautify the entrance area.

Fresh paint on the walls, doors, gates, fences, window frames and windowsills, where applicable, can make a huge difference to a home’s external appeal.

2. Clean, tidy and de-clutter

A clean living room ready for open house

A clean and tidy home is a loved home, and is more appealing as a result. Dirt is the sign of an unloved home and can be hugely off-putting, while mess and clutter detract from a potential buyer’s idea of the home belonging to them.

Clean all floors, surfaces, furniture, fixtures and fittings, skirting boards, appliances and windows before your open house.

Show off your home’s space, potential and versatility by putting away all unnecessary small and personal items, and clearing surfaces. Removing personal photos and items or art pieces containing political or religious views provides a sense of neutrality that makes it easier for buyers to imagine transforming the space into their own.

Additionally, put all valuables in a secure place out of sight for safety and peace of mind.

3. Complete outstanding repairs

Minor repairs to be done before open house

A well looked-after and functional home is a more desirable home, as a buyer can picture moving in and enjoying it straight away.

While not everything has to be perfect, prepare for your open house by fixing all obvious maintenance issues like broken fixtures and fittings, cracked tiles, faulty lights, dripping taps and the like.

Minor repairs for a small cash outlay can make a huge difference to buyers seeking a hassle-free transition.

4. Take care of the details

Open windows for open house

Every potential buyer may be looking for something different in your property, and the smallest detail can make the difference.

Along with cleanliness, light, smell and temperature are the major environmental factors that can affect the impression a potential buyer gets from your home, so it’s important to get them right.

If the weather permits, open the windows and curtains to let in as much fresh air and natural light as possible. Air fresheners, potpourri and incense can be positive factors if used in moderation and with care. Another tip would be to brew some fresh coffee before the open house and let the aroma permeate the kitchen and dining room.

Additionally, put the toilet seat down and replace the toilet roll with a brand new one. Don’t park your car in the driveway or block doorways. Remove all pets from the home and clean up/put away their toys, food, litter trays, cages and dishes.

5. Consider safety

Open houses can be fun and exciting, but can also carry a security risk. As you are opening up your home to potentially a large number of strangers, it is important to take security into account.

Put away valuables somewhere safe and check your homeowner’s insurance. Keep all curtains and windows open at all times. Always carry a phone on your person. Ideally, have a real estate agent, friend or family member present with you throughout the process if you feel unsafe, especially for evening/night viewings.

Ultimately, use your best judgment to safeguard yourself and your home.

Too much hassle?

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