The 13 (Very) Worst Real Estate Listing Photos Ever

May 7th 2019 by Dan Kwarcinski

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A couple months ago, we ran you through the worst (or best) property listings in Australia. From flashy to classy to trashy, there were some real gems in there—but the feedback we received was loud and clear: just show us the REALLY bad ones.

This, it seemed, stemmed from people's fascination (or perhaps disdain) of the notorious kitchen toilet:

Toilet installed in the kitchen, next to the stove

Apparently a bathroom/kitchen hybrid isn't as uncommon as you think — given we immediately found another example posted to

Toiled installed next to a kitchen sink

The potential buildup of flammable gasses surely can't be OHS approved.

With this in mind, we once again scoured the internet—this time only for the VERY worst listings we could find.  And soon discovered an entire website dedicated to our cause.

This site truly is a treasure trove of questionable photos (and amazing captions), so we decided to pick 13 of our favourites. Brace yourself for a hilarious—and often times disturbing—journey through the worst real estate listing photos ever.

1 — An interesting colour scheme, more often associated with nuclear warning systems

A kitchen painted throughout in bright, nuclear yellow

2 — Buyers are advised to leave the fridge right where it is

A fridge being used to prop up a balcony/deck

3 — A tragic combination of drugs, alcohol, and bad financial advice, left Paddington a shadow of his former self

An abandoned cellar with some furniture and a large teddy bear in the corner

4 — Cursed to sleep for 100 years, only a kiss from a handsome real estate agent would break the spell

A man sleeping in a messy bedroom

5 — Elderly men in their underpants require a well ventilated space and regular watering

An old man using an outdoor shower in his underpants

6 — Interior Design Trend: The abandoned 1970s chat show kitchen

A chat show podium with two chairs in the middle of a kitchen

7 — The owners are also willing to sell their exercise bike and share their safeword

An exercise bike and safety equipment

8 — This year, why not take some time to consider the unquestionable futility of existence?

A chair in an empty room

9 — Soon after completing the Sistine Chapel, the quality of Michelangelo’s work rapidly declined

A very busy decoration

10 — We should probably fish him out before they move in

A man in the swimming pool

11 — That feel when you’re halfway through a wash cycle and you decide it would be easier to just sell your house

A room full of laundry

12 — Script idea: Marie Antoinette travels to the 1990s and moves in with a monkey pirate

Marie Antoinette with a monkey pirate

13 — After the Great Plague of 1665, came the less famous Bubonic Bedroom Blight of 1704

A room full of mould

So there you have it—hope you enjoyed that journey.

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Best wishes and take care ❤️

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