No bridging loan needed.

Sell your home with Sellable.

Your Sellable benefits

Sellable is the new way to sell your home. We'll pay you a Guaranteed Price when you settle on your new home, so you won't need bridging finance.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Get a guaranteed price for your home - know exactly how much you will be paid. Don’t risk a drop in the market or settlement falling through.

Full Flexibility

Full Flexibility

Choose when to get paid. You decide when to move and we’ll pay you the moment you drop your keys.

Quick access to capital

Quick access to capital

We can pay you 7 days after accepting our offer, much faster than the average time from listing to settlement (87 days).

Kind words from our clients

  • A picture of Sellable's customer Jody interior
    “My Partner Luke and I found Sellable as a whole absolutely fantastic. From start to finish the Sellable team could not have been more helpful throughout the entire process. Realistic and honest springs to mind and we both have only have nice things to say about the Sellable team.”
    Jody from Bateau Bay
  • A picture of Sellable's customers Melanie & Daniel
    “Totally recommend this company, we would use them again and again, we bought our beautiful new house and sold our old house through these guys and it was the best experience, so smooth and easy.”
    Melanie & Daniel from Hamlyn Terrace
  • A picture of Sellable's customer Khai & Kim interior
    “The renovations of our old house look awesome! Great work! I’ve also been telling my friends and family to check it out. A big thank you to Sellable for making the purchase of our new house happen in such short period of time!”
    Khai & Kim from Busby
  • A picture of Sellable's customer Daniel interior
    “Sellable were fantastic to deal with. They paid me instantly when I moved out and managed all renovations and the sales process so I could focus on building my new business. They completely transformed the house and sold it for a great price.”
    Daniel from Bateau Bay
  • A picture of Sellable's customer Fiona
    “There is no comparison with a traditional agent! I would never consider contacting a real estate agent without first speaking to Sellable - and I tell everyone I know the same thing.”
    Fiona from Mount Keira
  • A picture of Sellable's customer Gail interior
    “Sellable paid me the Guaranteed Price in only 10 days. This allowed me to downsize and purchase a new home elsewhere. After the renovations, my old place sold for a fantastic price and I’ll now be able to buy some nice furniture with my upside share!”
    Gail from Leumeah
  • A picture of Sellable's customer Sandra interior
    “Why would you do it any other way?”
    Sandra from Mardi
  • A picture of Sellable's customer Emma interior
    “I would like to express my gratitude to Sellable for selling my sentimental property in a timely manner. Warren did a tremendous job and was sincere and very professional. I was delighted with the valuation and quick sale of my property. I would recommend”
    Emma from Toongabbie
  • The living room of a property renovated and staged by Sellable
    “We used Sellable to ensure we had a sufficient deposit to buy our new house before selling our unit. We were very impressed with how patient and open Sebastian and his team were. We simply could not have achieved what we have without them!”
    Brad from Newington


  • What is a bridging loan?

    A bridging loan, or bridge loan, is a type of short-term loan that allows you to buy a new property while you still haven’t sold your current home. Essentially, the bank will advance you the entire purchase price for the new property so you can complete settlement. This will be added on top of your current home loan, and once you sell your old home, the proceeds from this sale will be used to reduce the combined loan balance to the amount you agreed for the new property.

  • Why do people even need bridging finance?

    When upgrading or downsizing, many people have all of their wealth tied up in their property as equity. In this situation, if you want to buy a home before you have sold and settled on your old one, you won’t have the money to pay for it. Aside from trying to negotiate on settlement times, a bridging loan has been the only option up until now.

  • Sounds good, but are there any problems with bridge loans?

    The cost of bridging loans can be substantial. Many lenders charge higher interest rates for bridging loans and also levy additional fees, so it pays to compare bridging loan providers carefully. On top of this, you will be paying interest on two home loans – your current mortgage plus the full purchase price of the home you’re buying. Not everyone can service this level of debt, and consequently many people don’t even have the option of obtaining a bridging loan. The main issue, however, is that if you cannot sell your old home for the price or in the timeframe you anticipated, things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Interest on both home loans keeps building up, and if you don’t sell within several months, the bank may even take possession of one or both of the homes.

  • Is there a better alternative to a bridging loan?

    Yes, there is! With Sellable, you can essentially “trade in” your old home, and we will pay you a Guaranteed Price based on an independent valuation when you settle on your new purchase. There is no additional home loan, and the risk of selling your old property is entirely on us. This means you can buy a new home with confidence, knowing exactly home much money you have available. And it’s also much more convenient too: all you have to do is move out of your old home, and we will take care of the entire sale for you – including renovations, agent selection, buyer negotiations and much more. Sounds interesting? Request your free offer today!

Sellable is the new way to sell and buy a home

  • Know how much you can spend on a new home

  • We'll make improvements and renovations to your property

  • Only one home loan at a time

  • Receive the best price

  • Choose when you receive the sale proceeds

  • Professional staging included

  • We take care of the entire sale, including agent selection

  • Quick turnaround - money available in 7 days

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