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Your Sellable benefits

Looking to downsize? Sellable is Australia's trusted, stress-free solution! We make the transition easy by guaranteeing the sale of your old home and paying you upfront for it.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Get a guaranteed price for your home - know exactly how much you will be paid. Don’t risk a drop in the market or settlement falling through.

Full Flexibility

Full Flexibility

Choose when to get paid. You decide when to move and we’ll pay you the moment you drop your keys.

Quick access to capital

Quick access to capital

We can pay you 7 days after accepting our offer, much faster than the average time from listing to settlement (87 days).


  • Is Sellable a property flipper?

    No. Unlike property flippers, who usually give a low-ball offer and then pocket all the profits themselves, Sellable gives you a fair market value offer based on an independent valuation by reputable property valuers. On top of that, we also give you a further 75% of any additional profit generated from our property improvements, ensuring that our interests are completely aligned with yours.

  • What is the payment process?

    Firstly, you receive a guaranteed price, paid upfront once you move out. This is yours to keep, even if we later sell the property at a lower price. We then invest in improvements to your property (where needed). In most cases, this leads to a final sales price above our guaranteed price offer. When this occurs, you receive a second payment equal to 75% of the profit made.

  • Why should I use Sellable to downsize?

    With Sellable, we will pay you a guaranteed price based on an independent valuation. There is no delay, no need for a bridging loan and no need to move into a rental property while your old property sells. The risk of selling your old property is entirely on us, which means you can buy a new home with confidence, knowing exactly home much money you have available. And it’s also much more convenient: all you have to do is move out of your old home, and we will take care of the entire sale for you – including renovations, agent selection, buyer negotiations and much more. Sound interesting? Request your free offer today!

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