How it works

Sellable is quick, easy, and convenient. For the sake of full transparency, here's our process from start to finish.

Icon: Submit your Property

Submit your Property

You submit your property and contact details. At this point you will already see an estimate of our guaranteed price and can decide whether you want to continue the process.

Icon: First call

First call

We chat about your situation and requirements for this sale. This typically takes 10-15 minutes.

Icon: Online valuation

Online valuation

We arrange an online valuation using detailed information and photos you have provided.

Icon: Offer accepted

Offer accepted

You accept our offer and all legal formalities are completed. After this point you don't need to do anything, except tell us when you want to move out!

Icon: Independent reports

Independent reports

We arrange an in-person valuation, building & pest inspection, council checks and any additional reports relevant to your property.

Icon: Move out & Payment

Move out & Payment

Move out and get paid on the same day. If you are purchasing a new property we can arrange a simultaneous settlement for you.

Icon: Sale & Upside

Sale & Upside

We settle with the new owner of the property and transfer your share of the upside if the property sold above the guaranteed price.