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Your Sellable benefits

Sellable is the new way to sell your home. We’ll pay you a Guaranteed Price upfront, with the potential for more once we sell your home.

Quick access to capital

Quick access to capital

We can pay you 7 days after accepting our offer, much faster than the average time from listing to settlement (87 days).

Full Flexibility

Full Flexibility

Choose when to get paid. You decide when to move and we’ll pay you the moment you drop your keys.

Improvements included

Improvements included

Share in any value increase from property improvements without lifting a finger (or putting a penny at risk).


  • How long does it usually take to sell a property?

    This depends on your area, your home’s individual characteristics, how you market it and how you sell it (auction vs. private treaty). For example, in NSW, it takes about 45 days on average to find a buyer, and then there is a standard settlement time of 42 days after you have signed a contract. In other words, it usually takes about three months until you have actually sold your home and received the money.

  • How do I sell my home quickly?

    There are a few tips you can follow to make sure your home sells faster than the average property. Start by fixing anything that buyers might object to, especially repairs you put off over the years, the yards that need tidying up, etc. Next, make sure your home appeals to a wide range of buyers by painting it in neutral colours, removing any personal objects and ideally professionally styling it. Most importantly, set a realistic listing price for the property to attract a large number of buyers. When it comes to hosting open homes, ensure the property is spotless every time. Lastly, try to negotiate a short settlement time with the buyer if this is what you prefer.

  • Sounds like a lot of work, is there an easier way?

    Yes, there is! When you sign up with Sellable, you receive an upfront payment on a day that suits you. This can be very helpful, especially if you need the funds to purchase a new home. All you have to do is vacate your home. We then take over all the work to prepare your home for sale: we typically take care of repairs, renovations and professional staging. We’ll then go through all the uncertainty and waiting that we are helping you avoid. And when we sell it for more than our Guaranteed Price, you’ll even get the lion’s share of the upside!

  • Is Sellable a property flipper?

    No. Unlike property flippers, who usually give a low-ball offer and then pocket all the profits themselves, Sellable gives you a fair market value offer based on an independent valuation by reputable property valuers. On top of that, we also give you a further 75% of any additional profit generated from our property improvements, ensuring that our interests are completely aligned with yours.

Sellable is the new way to sell and buy a home

  • Choose your payment day

  • Access your equity for a new purchase

  • We'll make improvements to your property

  • Professional staging included

  • We select the best real estate agent

  • Participate in the upside

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